1. Owner of Marvel and Lucasfilm

    Triangular house part

    Pained cry

  2. Baroque dance

    From A to A, for example

  3. Church official ranking below a priest


    Prefix with dactyl

  4. Beating quickly?

    Does well, at a comedy club

    Place for a horseshoe

  5. Actress Zellweger

    Arrange, as hair

    Worked at a soup kitchen

  6. Lee Harvey Oswald or John Wilkes Booth

    US tax agency

    Nice money?

  7. ___-bitty

    Game with clay pigeons


  8. Popular meal replacement product

    Tea party participant in Alice in Wonderland

  9. Approximately a quarter marathon, for short

    Egyptian god of the underworld

    Doom’s partner

  10. Bart and Maggie, e.g.

    Like the Old Testament

  11. Aid badly?

    Soup ___ (Seinfeld character)

    Newton or Pascal

    Dual to a bra

  12. "___ a soul"

    "Your Obedient Servant", for one

    Tried to get elected

    Figure out how old something is

  13. Creator of Watson and Deep Blue

    Louisiana swamp

    Wood of Lord Voldemort’s wand

    Unknown auth.

  14. Alt. to A4

    Art class subject

    Indian multinational conglomerate

    What you should do to only this answer, per FDR

  15. Golden rule preposition

    No longer busy

    Jake and ___ (web series)

  16. Boredom

    Boyfriend or girlfriend, in modern lingo

    Fallout 3 settlement you might destroy

  17. Complete and absolute

    Part of an old encyclopedia, perhaps

    Nine-digit ID


  1. Deep wound


    Modern-day country home to the Ashanti Kingdom

    They might contain rubber ducks

  2. Corporation that, as per its name, produces aluminum

    Made off with

    Word spelled out in a Gwen Stefani song

  3. Flashing light

    LazyTown antagonist Robbie

    Oxygen carrier

  4. Author Klein of No Logo

    It results in a second serve


    Rick and ____

  5. Gulf state

    Something you might beg to do

    Japanese position currently held by Michiko

  6. Afrobeat creator Fela

    Nice inn?

    It can welcome you in

    Super Bowl sights

  7. Has a bawl

    Skin inflammation disease

    Nice water?

    Only positive integer that’s neither prime nor composite

  8. Actor Brody of The Pianist

    Contraction formed by removing a "v"

    ____-in (kind of protest)

    Quarterback Favre

  9. Common sign material


    Word that can follow "water" or "jet"

    ____ Mountains (Europe-Asia border)

    Sister of Yakko and Wakko

  10. Aye’s opposite

    Something one can whistle or carry

    Clayton Kershaw or Yasiel Puig

    Escape ____

  11. Creator of Chief Bromden and Nurse Ratched

    Element of a Clifford algebra representation, to a physicist

    The P in MPG

    ____ luge (object that dispenses liquor)

  12. First recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize


    Join the army

  13. Commonly ingested ionic compound

    ___ space


    "... that’s not going to happen"

  14. Annual fighting game tournament in Las Vegas, for short


    Number of circles of hell, per Dante


  15. Bouillabaisse, for example

    The E in HOMES

    Nikkei currency

    Cricket and squash

  1. Folktales and tradition



  2. Dungeons and Dragons stat

    Popular bubble tea flavor

    One of the seven archangels

  3. Achievement of Whoopi Goldberg or Audrey Hepburn, for short

    From Kathmandu, say

    Exercise system based on karate

  4. Cthulhu ___ (H.P. Lovecraft universe)

    Drops on the grass

    Subjects of Dilworth’s theorem

  5. Bleda or Shan Yu, for one

    Federal college grant namesake

    Like Cthulhu

  6. Slight advantage

    Woke up

    "Will it play in ___?"

  7. Bambi, for one

    It always increases

    Prefix to "ester" or "graph"

  8. Bob Ross hairstyle

    They have a sticky side


  9. Eager

    Lakeside rental

    Silver ___ (compound used for cloud seeding)

  10. Lead ore

    The O2, e.g.

    Red’s complement

  11. Hidden Figures agency

    Lie in the sun


  12. Country depicted in Persepolis

    Hybrid of a grapefruit, orange, and tangerine

    Gun towers

  13. Evolved Graveler


    Stick around

    Near the ground

  14. Arc all the way across the sky

    Statesman von Bismarck


  15. "Excuse me…"

    Trial or tribulation

    Michelangelo sculpture in the Vatican

  16. ____ out a living

    Source of sin

    Subject where you learn about sin?

    Ticket price

  17. Actress

    Actress Banks


  1. Australian term for a truck-like vehicle



    Expensive champagne brand

  2. Economic self-sufficiency, in politics

    Philosopher who wrote the essay "What is it like to be a bat?"


  3. Flock

    Moves like an albatross

    Tomb ____

  4. Like this clue

    Something to bid on

    One at the bottom of a food chain


  5. First person to die in the Bible

    Not quite medium

    Shortest English word that contains all five vowels

    Pogs, for one

  6. He said "Carthage must be destroyed"

    Pub offerings

    ____ You Experienced (Jimi Hendrix album)

    Move side to side, in video games

  7. Beef source

    Catch some ____

    Uses Tinder

    Ready for picking

  8. Ends

    Tennis player Djokovic

    Start a flame

  9. Animal that outnumbers humans in New Zealand


    Feel the ____ (2016 slogan)

    Not well

  10. Kind of bar that one can access without leaving the pool

    Silent approval

    Result of a failed save

    Suffix with neur-

  11. Malibu, e.g.

    NBA team that’s dead last in the Eastern Conference right now

    Malibu, e.g.

    Relaxing music genre

  12. 4+4, for instance


    Test with "logic games"

    Game with logic tests

  13. 4+4

    Monopoly token

    An ending?

    Trainspotting drug

  14. Chrono Trigger character whose theme sounds like "Never Gonna Give You Up"

    Popular iced tea brand

    Pay suffix

    It’s between giga- and peta-

  15. Big rapper

    Suffix with stereo

    Punk rock music genre

    Do as Buffy does