Errata / Updates

March 15, 11:20 AM: We fixed some malformed HTML on "Learn to Play". This does not affect the puzzle in any way.

March 16, 3:52 PM: If you're participating on a team that has solved fewer than half of the puzzles open for hints, we will respond with additional information when you send in a hint request for a puzzle with many solves. This is a guideline rather than a hard rule; please use your own judgment when deciding whether your team should fall into this category. We strongly encourage teams in this position to provide details on their progress, so that we can give a personalized hint and provide a concrete way to make progress (it is unnecessary to have a well-formed YES / NO question in mind).

March 17, 9:40 AM: The 7th sequence of letters in Retinal Variants contained a minor error. This has now been fixed.

March 17, 7:30 PM: We made a "quality of life" change to The Treasure of Apollo to assist teams in extraction. In particular, we added blanks to the bottom of the boxed section.

March 18, 6:40 PM: It has been brought to our attention that the puzzle Thunk! may not work if viewed while logged-out. If you are having issues with the puzzle, please retry while logged-in. If the problem persists, please email us. We have updated the puzzle with a note about this issue.

March 21, 2:13 PM: We hope you're all still having fun! For those of you still working on the puzzles, here's a schedule of how the remaining few days will work in term of hints:

Monday, 1:59 PM PDT (right now): All teams should feel free to ask non-YES / NO questions as hints on all non-meta puzzles. We will try our best to get you unstuck or confirm your approach. If you already used a YES / NO hint today and would like a more general hint instead, let us know.

Tuesday, 1:59 PM PDT: All teams will get unlimited hints on all puzzles including metas, which can be used as Y/N questions or as more general questions (use your own discretion). There are some caveats, such as:

  1. These hints should be used to help you get unstuck on puzzles. We won't answer questions like "Does the first letter of the answer begin with A-M?"
  2. We may not be as timely in answering your hints.

Thursday, 1:59 PM PDT: The hunt ends, solutions will be posted, etc.

March 22, 9:40 AM: We changed the description of one of the cars in Drive from "Ford De Luxe Coupe V8" to "Ford Coupe V8".