There were some reports of suspicious activity in the area. Can you reconstruct what happened and track down the cars?

Our town has eight horizontal streets, labeled 1st Street to 8th Street from north to south, as well as eight vertical avenues, labeled 1st Avenue to 8th Avenue from west to east.

Here are the police reports:

  • A jazz pianist and an aspiring actress spotted at 1st Street & 7th Avenue.
  • A pair of agents spotted at 3rd Street & 7th Avenue...there was a cockroach...what was I talking about again?
  • An "abiding" man spotted at 2nd Street & 7th Avenue being mistaken for someone else.
  • An engineer spotted at 4th Street & 7th Avenue fighting against a man with electrified whips.
  • Boy spotted at 5th Street & 6th Avenue receiving a scuba suit for his birthday.
  • Car delivery driver spotted at 4th Street & 4th Avenue beating a police officer in a race.
  • Drag racing king spotted at 8th Street & 3rd Avenue, cruising the strip.
  • Four women spotted at 1st Street & 3rd Avenue fighting against supernatural beings.
  • Man spotted at 6th Street & 5th Avenue filming crimes and selling the footage.
  • Manager spotted at 6th Street & 3rd Avenue who's going to need you to come in tomorrow.
  • Narcotics officer spotted at 2nd Street & 4th Avenue, owing money to the Russian mafia.
  • Police lieutenant spotted at 8th Street & 8th Avenue, protecting witness from pair of hitmen.
  • Spy spotted at 5th Street & 1st Avenue, performing a striptease for some robots.
  • Two siblings spotted at 1st Street & 8th Avenue recruiting people to rejoin their band.
  • Undercover officer spotted at 4th Street & 1st Avenue not double clutching.

And here are the paths taken by the cars while being chased by our police officers:

  • Alfa Romeo Spider 1600: north 2 blocks, east 1 block, south 2 blocks
  • Audi R8 Spyder: south 2 blocks, west 1 block, south 1 block, east 2 blocks
  • Buick Riviera: west 3 blocks, south 1 block, west 1 block, north 1 block
  • Cadillac Funeral Coach: south 4 blocks
  • Chevrolet Monte Carlo: south 1 block, east 1 block, north 1 block, east 1 block, north 1 block
  • Dodge Challenger R/T: east 1 block, south 2 blocks, east 2 blocks
  • Dodge Challenger SRT 392: west 1 block, north 1 block, east 2 blocks, south 1 block, east 1 block
  • Dodge Monaco: west 1 block, south 4 blocks
  • Ford Coupe V8: west 2 blocks, north 3 blocks
  • Ford Gran Torino: south 2 blocks, east 1 block, south 2 blocks
  • Ford LTD Crown Victoria: east 1 block, north 1 block, west 1 block, north 1 block, west 1 block
  • Ford Mustang: west 5 blocks
  • Jaguar E-Type: east 1 block, north 4 blocks, west 1 block
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse: north 3 blocks, east 2 blocks
  • Porsche 911 SC: west 1 block, south 1 block, east 3 blocks, north 1 block