YOLO Queue

My teammates are all really bad. Where are they getting their cues from? And how are they messing them up?

[ALL] Summoner (Aatrox): Wow, you really dropped the ball on that one!

[ALL] Summoner (Ahri): No, you’re not playing Zerg, and you don’t need another supply unit - that’s a different game.

[ALL] Summoner (Anivia): Ew, are you licking the opponents’ computers and peripherals?

[ALL] Summoner (Blitzcrank): Well, you pay for electricity, which I guess counts as a contribution to society?

[ALL] Summoner (Evelynn): Are you really trying to contact your dead cat for advice?

[ALL] Summoner (Ezreal): You just spent the last 24 hours getting nothing done.

[ALL] Summoner (Fiora): I bet the wires around your desk are a complete mess.

[ALL] Summoner (Graves): You’re as useless as freshly-mined pyrite.

[ALL] Summoner (Karthus): You look like a fool when you move through the air.

[ALL] Summoner (Kha'Zix): I really don’t care that your nana was an astronaut.

[ALL] Summoner (Kindred): What, is there something magical to be found up your nose?

[ALL] Summoner (Lux): All your mouth does is brag.

[ALL] Summoner (Morgana): Please stop inserting yourself at the conclusion of all those short video clips.

[ALL] Summoner (Rammus): It’s no wonder you really dislike backbone, given how indecisive you are.

[ALL] Summoner (Ryze): Did you think that tying something around your eyes would make you better at this!?

[ALL] Summoner (Teemo): Restricting the movements of birds is nice and all, but it'd be better if you could do that to the enemy team.

[ALL] Summoner (Twisted Fate): You idiot! Do you not understand how the directional keys on your keyboard work?

[ALL] Summoner (Udyr): Well, you can at least breathe - that counts for something I guess.

[ALL] Summoner (Vayne): Ugh, I definitely did not need to know your recent browsing history.

[ALL] Summoner (Warwick): WTF, are you an exhibitionist or something!?

[ALL] Summoner (Yorick): Throwing sand into other people’s eyes only works in real life - not over the internet.