Famous by Association

As a young upstart at the hottest VC firm right now, you need to decide which startups to fund this quarter. Unfortunately, your server caught fire last night, and you lost the data that matched each startup with its proposed business model.

"Some of the startups literally just submitted a name," says your boss with obvious disdain, handing you some papers. "Ignore those."

Startups (target for Series A round)

Android ($10,000,000)

Ansible ($12,000,000)

Beast ($16,000,000)

Brain ($16,000,000)

char.gr ($8,000,000)

Cheep ($11,000,000)

Cliq ($21,000,000)

ClubHub ($10,000,000)

Creed ($12,000,000)

Crush ($8,000,000)

DroneZone ($11,000,000)

Figure ($11,000,000)

flame.io ($13,000,000)

Form ($9,000,000)

galle.on ($6,000,000)

Goldfish ($11,000,000)

Hash ($10,000,000)

House Elf ($23,000,000)

Howl ($9,000,000)

Leapfrog ($10,000,000)

lyrical.ly ($6,000,000)

Nest ($6,000,000)

Phase ($8,000,000)

Pitch ($11,000,000)

Proof ($7,000,000)

Shockr ($21,000,000)

Slumbr ($5,000,000)

Spark ($11,000,000)

stealth.ly ($12,000,000)

Target ($17,000,000)

Tone ($10,000,000)

trivi.al ($11,000,000)

You see a note attached to this sheet from your boss:
"These look like the most promising batch we've had in years!"

Like Tinder, for robots!

Like Slack, for physicists!

Like Mechanical Turk, for zombies!

Like Spotify, for animals!

Like travelmob, for teenagers!

Like the blockchain, for food!

Like Zynga, for animals!

Like Square, for pirates!

Like OKCupid, for teenagers!

Like Houzz, for animals!

Like a16z, for musicians!

Like Snapchat, for animals!

Like BuzzFeed, for robots!

Like TaskRabbit, for wizards!

Like YCombinator, for ninjas!

Like Groupon, for animals!

Like Upworthy, for teenagers!

Like Sporcle, for mathematicians!

Like Soylent, for robots!

Like HelloSign, for artists!