A Glistening Occasion

At the end of each puzzleball tournament, we look back at a montage of highlights to the sound of... what song was it again?

James Bedell thinks he’s the second-to-worst player ever to win an NBA Championship.

He survived a fight with a bear at his first Sugar Bowl.

He was the only referee in Louisville’s loss at West Virginia in 2010 who wasn’t suspended from officiating a conference tournament.

Although Jim Larranaga is his friend, he told reporters that it’s okay to not like Jim this weekend.

He shares his name with a former Toronto Raptors player and a current Toronto FC player, but has never played for Toronto himself.

He hasn’t correctly chosen a March Madness winner in his bracket since 2009.

He’s Harvard’s winningest player.

He was robbed and shot in an Uber.

Some say he looks a lot like Ted Cruz, but his parents don’t think so.

Shooting percentages go way down here compared to any other open dome.