Zero Space

76ers legend nickname A bird that sings after sunset is in the wind (11)
Action paired with "chew bubblegum" A crazy state in, say, covered louse (8)
AP test with a document-based question Attempt to be better than best above; I've entangled ache (11)
Apparatus with "Yes", "No", and "Good Bye" California nature spot informally greets Jewish person (8)
Benjamin Facetious, playful knave with an eyepiece (7)
Card game in which players ask questions Fiery spouts put oven coals in a mess (9)
Circuit element implementing the ⊕ operator Fifty circuit flips follow machine's soft hum, Eddy (9)
Dark Souls failure message Half hope mystery author ships without equal (8)
Deceptive cannon made of wood Iranian devotee overturns a large island with strange saint roar (11)
Document with potential victims Laughter at English poet, Broadway musical subject (8)
Free legal work Man's chromosomes left up will surrender sugar (8)
Hollis Frampton film Memorable item holds a key without end (8)
It follows a long trip MOBA's slippery toad (4)
It's below B and C? Oddly gifted small repetitive movement (6)
It's mostly made of methane Performed in return, cooking guide almost chops up coral (10)
Joker, e.g. Person who plays the second piano briefly (8)
Little Boy dropper Place surrounded by Chardonnay, hold on (7)
Mesh well Probability Eisenhower swims in '50s, plus me and Robin (10)
Metal group? Shouts "It has an air bag" (7)
"My bad" Singing insect's resistanceless cardiac surgery (6)
Not moving Soccer player coming back calls uninitiated trunk owners (9)
President attacked in the Gold Spoon Oration Spot and then apply bandages: dissertation (7)
Reverse, as a car Tail-twisted bird, airborne, lacking length, meeting all the requirements (10)
Stark alias Terraces remodeled? Yes, senior official of the government (9)
Symbol that indicates inspiration The United Nations is messily reactive, only by rote (10)
Vomit Thousands are found around a signet - curious attractiveness (9)